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The location of the gallery was uniquely selected.

Clarens is a town that captures your heart and touches your soul from the very first moment you put your foot on its soil!   

There is so much to describe about the area and the characteristics of Clarens.  The town is a wonderful preservation of country living.

From the sweeping fields of lush green grass covering the rambling hills of the rustic countryside to the romance and charm of the small town dusty streets complete with tall poplar trees, green rooftops and sandstone finishing’s.

I found Clarens to be one of the most peaceful towns I have ever been to.  People are very warm and very kind.  I felt at home even without being so!

Certainly, such a beautiful backdrop was the perfect place to open a country art gallery.

Clarens is a place where you can keep your creativity, protect your sensitivities, keep your senses alive and keep balance in an unbalanced world.

A mind needs a rest from time to time in order to refresh and re-energize itself.  It is an essential factor for productivity.  Our surroundings of nature are available for us to provide what is needed.  Feeling of surroundings, observing and digesting them will provide the mind with the next step of improvement.

In Clarens I have had an incredible opportunity to meet with different artists (full of energy and passion for the arts) from all over South Africa and other countries.  It is also interesting to see a vast array of styles and techniques from many artists, ranging from minimalism to abstract art, to impressionism, surrealism, hyperrealism, classic realism and realism oil paintings.  The artists also use many different mediums including pencil, water colour, acrylic, oil paint and photography.

It is inspiring to meet artists, that come to Clarens for “workshops”,

Clarens Gallery is also graced with the bounteous footsteps of people from all around South Africa and international visitors.

Visitors come to Clarens, not just to walk around, but to display their appreciation for the arts.

Revisit sweet memories of Clarens or experience the charm and life of this Eastern Free State Jewel for the first time at Clarens Gallery.


Emilio Castignani

PS  With the simple three letters of “Art” there is so much to say, explain, feel, view, enjoy, criticize, interpret and evaluate.

I would welcome your sincere comments and further enquiries by calling:      

   +27 82 809 5003 / +27 58 256 1909             Or by e-mail at:  art@clarensgallery.co