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Clarens Gallery wishes to encourage all aspects of creativity in the art world through promotion, exhibition, and placement.  Opportunities abound in what is now an ever-shrinking planet, through improved transport services, tourism, and more particularly communication mediums involving usual imagery transfers, the planet is now our market place.

We provide established artists with the space and exposure to place artworks in today’s contemporary corporate and domestic environments.

Clarens Gallery is also dedicated to exhibiting and promoting emerging and mid-career artists of imagination and ability.  The creativity and determination of the new wave of artists, wishing to be exposed and accepted by the world market motivates us.

Your home deserves the best original paintings available!  And we are the ones to help.  We carry a large selection of South African paintings for you.

Interior Designers, don’t miss out on the endless design potential our Gallery holds for you and your clients.  Clarens Gallery has an ample selection of exotic art, to fit any taste or specification.

The Gallery is located at the corner of Main and Market Streets on the Clarens square.

Contact us today or visit our online information form.